May 01 2009

Mirko Crocop starts up training

Published by Mario under Mirko Crocop

Mirko Crocop did an interview with He is back in the gym and feeling strong. He looks very happy and wants to return to the ring as soon as this summer.

I think the most logical opponent is Kharitonov. Sergei needs a good opponent to redeem himself and it’s also a nice test for Cro Cop.

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Apr 23 2009

Zelg eyeing return to Dream

Published by Mario under Zelg Galesic

Zelg is looking to get back in the Dream ring. The middle weight contender is looking for an opponent for Dream 9 on May 25.

It sucks that he wasn’t fit for the Nakahara fight. He hurt himself competing in TKD tourney in Cro. Andrews Nakahara is a striker on a roll. He fought very well vs Sakuraba and beat Dong Yoon Sik who is one hell of a fighter. His style plays right into Zelg’s hands imo. I can see that fight still happening down the line. Zelg had bad luck with strikers with DREAM. His 2 fights with Kin ended early because of Injury. He could really showcase his skills vs Nakahara.

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Apr 22 2009

Pokrajac dominates replacement at WFC

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Igor Pokrajac is from team Cro Cop. This is the 3rd time in his last few fights that his opponent pulled out because of injury leaving him with a fill in fighter. He had nothing to gain with a win but loads to lose if he had lost. He won by GnP. Dream is building it’s LHW division around Mousasi so I wonder if he will get a fight in Dream

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